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DPS Principal

Where Ambition and Dream becomes


Commitment for Complete Growth and Education
Thank you very much for the interest you have evinced in Delhi Public School Bhagalpur – a center for learning and excellence in eastern part of the country. This is the third session in the history of school starting April 2006. We are indeed honored to share with you our perception of Education.

Happiness in student does not consist merely in laughing, shouting, clapping hands and running here and there. Happiness of student is first of all relaxation, liberation from tension of all sorts, an expansion of the being in silence and peace in character, resulting into complete education. Hereafter comes a mite joy, a smile, the effluence of a sweet presence within, a look of friendliness towards the world that he or she has to live in. Our teachers here know and feel the requirements of every student, be it physical, emotional, psychological, intellectual and even the psychic needs pertaining to the soul in evolution. Fundamentally, the child is growing being, growth in his raison d’etre.

Education is not a one day event, nor of months and neither of years, but a lifetime opportunity. All of us learn every day and there always remains something unknown for the next day in store for us. Process of Education in DPS Bhagalpur carries with itself an attitude of understanding, of love, of expectation, of patience, of acceptance of childhood, of happiness, delicately acknowledgement and according value to the Time as important period in Nation and Humanity Development. We believe in giving a conducive atmosphere to every child for her/his complete growth. For us the first task of the teacher is to keep the school environment adequately supplied with ingredients of education; the second task is to be constantly present – steady and unwavering; the third being establishing of hundred percent discipline with two hundred percent affection. The school always remembers that for a child every action is an experiment and a step towards making of a great nation – India. We are confident that our students will grow to become successful "Global Citizens".
Dr. Arunima Chakravorty

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