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The Curriculum

The CBSE board makes clear recommendations about teaching methods and approaches to the subject teaching.  These are basic cognitive approaches that first promote understanding knowledge rather than just remembering it.  Second that children’s brains change through childhood to allow better reasoning skills as they get older. Third learning is a step by step process through-out childhood.  It involves learning by assimilation of information and ideas followed by accommodation when practiced as a class exercise ::.

There are three dimensions to the application of our curriculum, they are as follows:

A. Monitoring: Our teachers monitor the children’s progress in the usual way of marking books and making tests.  However older students need to be able to self monitor and express critical ideas to their written and expressed answers; subject to checking the information sources. 

B. Creativity:  The CBSE Board states that, “Students should be encouraged to think on their own and express ideas using their experience and knowledge and imagination, rather than being text or teacher dependent.” This second recommendation means children need to be practical problem solvers and have an interpretive role in their academic school work and in the arts, music and drama subjects.

C.  Knowledge and skills: There is no function in memorizing any facts without an application for that knowledge. To reason with knowledge and discern truths about any question and answer is to have knowledge and apply this to particular questions or tasks.

The complete CBSE curriculum is the foundation of the core Subjects. In themselves they are not that different from others found in schools all over the world. They include the usual list of formal subjects.

  • English Language and Literature
  • Math
  • Sciences: general, physics and chemistry
  • Social sciences: as civics, geography and history
  • Arts: as drawing skills, music and drama
  • Sports, PE and games